Our Team

Ved Prakash

A Website Marketing expert with the love for technology is what defines Ved. With over ten
years of experience in Web development and marketing, Ved is going to deliver content that
would help beginners stay in the loop.

Ankit Kumar
Senior Editor

Technology is what his world revolves around and thus, here he is playing the role of a
mechanical engineer by daylight and writing about tech stuff by night. Did he mention he's an
SEO Expert? Can make any website from 0 to #1 in the blink of an eye.

Anubhav Tyagi
Senior Editor

The Love for talking and discussing tech is what has brought Anubhav here.
One of the leading founding members, Anubhav is a mechanical engineer by profession and
daydreamer by passion.


An ECE Engineer with a love for gaming sounds like the perfect combination, but the
inclusion of anime? Well, that's weird to you, but to Vivek it is all his life about. With an ardent
love for gaming and anime in his heart, Vivek is here to keep you guys updated about its latest stories.

Bharat Sethi
Finance Manager

Well versed Business Analyst and keep a keen eye on finances. In my free time, I love to surf the internet and watch YouTube videos.